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A backpack around the Anglesey Coastal Path(ish)

Every year a friend and I have a week-long backpacking holiday. This year we decided to do the Anglesey Coastal Path which is, depending on which source you believe, either 120 miles or 123 or 125 miles in length. I … Continue reading

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Gatewood Cape revisited

A few weeks back I posted a long-term review of the Gatewood Cape on my blog. I found a picture of it not long after pitching when I was visiting the Well Dressings in Tissington, Derbyshire a couple of years … Continue reading

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Mama, weer all offended now!

Apologies to Slade for ripping off one of their song titles. Not a day goes by without somebody on Twitter being “offended” or “outraged” by some other Tweeter’s comments. Usually, but by no means exclusively, the injured party belongs to … Continue reading

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Milly the rescue cat: one month on

A week is a long time in politics and a month is an eon to an adopted cat. I’ve had Milly for four weeks and two days now and the difference is remarkable. She’s still on the chubby side but … Continue reading

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Life after wage slavery – first thoughts

I’ve been work-free for eighteen days now and I’ve now had six days to enjoy it. The first twelve were sent looking after my ailing cat. Anyhow, I’ve noticed three things. The first is quite odd. No more having to … Continue reading

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