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Zynga Poker to play with real money?

I follow a blogger called That Poker Guy. I picked up on a blog he’d written about Zynga which you can read here  You can also read his other excellent posts there too. For those that are not on FaceBook, … Continue reading

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Texas Hold ‘Em Shootout Victory

Yesterday, I achieved an amibition. I won an online shootout competition. For non-poker players a shootout is a game which starts with hundreds of players. Every entrant pays a fee to play and the total fees are distributed amongst the … Continue reading

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JJ or the “Hooks”

I’ve posted earlier about the destructiveness of AK which is probably the most over-bet opening hand in Texas Hold ‘Em. So I thought I’d blog about JJ. I rate this a potential chip-swallower that deserves careful play. A pair of … Continue reading

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AK-killer hand revisited

Recently I blogged about the dangers of AK and suggested ways to play it. Here Victoria Coren writes about a hand where two players in a tournament both had AK.  It’s a difficult hand to play alright-even the pros playing … Continue reading

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A poker epiphany

I was playing poker recently and, as usual with a good opening hand, had a bad beat to a 10,2. Then the epiphany struck! I’ve always played poker by calculating odds and looking at “tells”, etc. I always know what … Continue reading

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Using a Rubberband To Squash Negative Thought Patterns

I came upon this blog after following a comment left on my blog. I think it is absolutely great advice to conquer negative feelings and emotions. Don’t be put off  by it being used by poker players – it can … Continue reading

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AK – killer hand

If you read the books on Texas Hold’Em poker, AK is always touted as a strong opening hand. Which it is….but it is also a hand to lose a lot of chips because it is nothing more than an Ace … Continue reading

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Super aggressive raisers

I love Texas Hold ‘Em poker. I play about 2 to 3 hours a day, sometimes for money, sometimes for fun. Usually I play sit’n’go. The players that I really want to play against are the super-aggressive raisers, or SARs … Continue reading

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Poker, life and fairness

I’ve been thinking a lot about the vicissitudes of life recently, and stupidly, I’ve also listened to a host of politicians chuntering on about “fairness” or being “fair”.  I play a lot of poker and I’ve come to the conclusion … Continue reading

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