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Blood and guts

I played a gig last night. Nothing unusual in that. Nice place, nice people with two exceptions. The area where the band set up was not brilliant as we were at an angle to the audience which meant the acoustics … Continue reading

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PAs, live sound and the curse of the subwoofer.

I will start with a confession. For most of my playing career my main instrument has been the bass guitar, most often my beloved 1976 Rickenbacker 4001. Although I love the low frequency “thump” I have to confess that I … Continue reading

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Music, music, music.

This afternoon I played a gig noteworthy for two things. Firstly, it was one of a series I’ve been doing recently that take place on Sunday afternoon or early evening. It’s quite odd to be playing in daylight, especially after … Continue reading

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Buying your first bass guitar: some simple steps to avoid buying a “pup”

I wrote this a few years ago and published it as an Ebay guide. This is an updated version. Chances are you won’t be spending a lot of money on your first bass. I assume you won’t know that much … Continue reading

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Life after wage slavery – first thoughts

I’ve been work-free for eighteen days now and I’ve now had six days to enjoy it. The first twelve were sent looking after my ailing cat. Anyhow, I’ve noticed three things. The first is quite odd. No more having to … Continue reading

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Performing music solo -angst, terror and delight!

I’ve been a semi-professional musician from the age of about 17 for most of my life although I have taken breaks due to the demands of career and life. I usually play bass guitar although I have played rhythm guitar … Continue reading

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