Fender Rumble V3

About two months ago I purchased a Rumble 25 bass amp for acoustic gigs and I was blown away by it. So much so that I then bought a Rumble 100 watt for electric gigs.

Both have got a great range of tones that are enhanced by presets that can be tweaked by the EQ section. Fender reckon the Rumble has been reenginered to be both louder and lighter than the previous versions. I don’t have any experience of the older versions but the V3s are very light and very loud – no doubt due to the Eminence speaker and the wooden carcass. A case of manufacturer’s blurb matching reality!

So what do they sound like? I’ve played four acoustic gigs and six electric gigs and I think they sound great. Loads of bass, punchy midtones and sparkling highs. They make my Rickenbacker sing – the characteristic snarl of the Rickenbacker is there but with trouser-flapping bass. The same for my other basses. Its quite incredible that such light, small combos produce the sound they do.

There is a myth that bass players need huge speakers and powerful amps to sound good even at small gigs. Well, that is rubbish……absolute rubbish put about by marketing gurus to make bassists buy expensive rigs. And, most likely, give themselves hernias lugging the gear around. These Rumbles can easily cope with drums and two instruments in any normal sized gig with a band or with an acoustic combo with power to spare. No, they will not cope at large venues but you’d DI anyway for those and the  100W Rumble has a DI out so no problem.

I’m not impressed by the overdrive circuits on either Rumble. They are Ok but a bit harsh for my taste. The DI on the 100W is odd because as you alter the gain and EQ it affects the level sent to the desk. Not the best DI in the world but can be worked around easily enough.

In summary, the Rumble V3 in the 25 and 100W versions are nice combos with great tones and plenty of volume. Not equal to an Ampeg rig but a damn sight lighter and more transportable. Thoroughly recommended.


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