Backpackers Club UK AGM

I’m a member of the club and attended the AGM last weekend. Within the club AGM has two meanings; Annual General Meeting and Annual Gathering of Members. So, not only is a chance to make decisons affecting the club as a whole but also an opportunity to socialise, talk gear, get advice, buy either new gear at the trade stands or secondhand gear from members.

I’ll not bore my readers with an account of Club business (and it wouldn’t be appropriate either) but I did get a Gossamer Gear AirFrame to fit a GG pack I own at at a very fair price courtesy of Backpacking Light who were at the AGM, a very good discount on dehydrated meals and a secondhand, but good condition, Osprey Exos 46 backpack from a member for £25. A very reasonable price for a quality pack to replace my aging Golite Jam. There was also a fascinating talk about Antarctica from a member who had been there, a communal supper on the Saturday night and a lot of catching up with old friends and making new ones.

The venue this year was Parwich village in the White Peak area of Derbyshire. The weather was glorious sunshine all weekend although the nights were chilly. Temperature inside my tent ranged from nearly 30C in the daytime to 2C at night. The tent I used was a Luxe Hex V4 and it is an excellent shelter that is deservedly popular. I counted 6 of them being used by members during the weekend.

Parwich is a close-knit but welcoming community and there was an unexpected treat on the Sunday morning. It was St George’s Day and there was a parade around the village complete with brass band, some military personnel and villagers. A nice thing about the parade was all elderly or housebound veterans of the armed forces were given a hot full English breakfast as the parade progressed around the village. The parade was a joint effort between the British Legion and the OddFellows (a friendly society) and I think they deserve great praise for their efforts.

Here’s some pics of the weekend.

The OddFellows Banner

The start of the parade

A few tents belong to members

My Hex V4 closed up

Hex V4 opened up showing the huge interior space.


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