Music, music, music.

This afternoon I played a gig noteworthy for two things. Firstly, it was one of a series I’ve been doing recently that take place on Sunday afternoon or early evening. It’s quite odd to be playing in daylight, especially after years of playing at the usual times ie nighttime. Still there are advantages because, after the gig, I can go out socially for the evening as well as enjoying playing live too.

The second thing that was noteworthy was, after a couple of years playing as a trio, the band had decided to recruit a fourth member. We were going to ask a friend to join a few months back but, sadly, he died. Anyhow, we found an excellent keyboard player and today was his debut gig with us.

How did he turn out. Excellently as it happens. Fitted in musically an absolute treat both as a keyboard player and backing vocalist. Even better, he fits in with our musical ambitions and belief in stress-free gigging. We really couldn’t be doing with an angst-ridden gear head who can only play stuff by rote; we do tend to go “off piste” a bit when the groove is going.

To finish here is a pic of us four in action.



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3 Responses to Music, music, music.

  1. Bobby says:

    Looking good out there in the wings.

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