Tilley Hat LT5B

I’ve owned my Tilley hat, model LT5B, for about 18 months. It is designed for warmer weather and has a SPF of 50+ which guarantees that 98% of UV rays will be blocked. As someone who has male pattern baldness, and detests sunburned ears, these are important figures.  I don’t have access to UV meters but I’ve not been burnt wearing this hat even though I’ve worn it in some seriously bright days. I guess it works!

The hat also can handle a surprising amount of rain. Yes, it will eventually leak water but it dries very quickly and always retains its shape. Although your head might get wet the brim still keeps the rain away from spectacles and stops water running down the back of the neck.

The LT5B has a very simple and highly effective way of staying on your head even in very high winds. As well as an underneath the chin strap, part of the strap goes around the back of the head resulting in a very firmly affixed hat. Despite this the hat is cool to wear by virtue of some airholes and the breathability of the fabric.

Comfort is great. Once the hat is on I find I forget that I’m wearing it. Soft, flexible and very light at 85 grams. Add in a very useful secret pocket large enough to stash money, a credit card and a small compass as well and you have a backpackers dream hat. No, I’m not telling where the pocket is!

Care is simple. Merely wash in cool water, leave to dry and, if needed, restretch. Mine still looks brand new. The LT5B also floats and has a great guarantee.

Tilley hats are expensive but they’re extremely well made and very, very robust and simply work perfectly. Highly recommended to anyone who spends a lot of time in the sun.


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After working for many years in Higher Education I've decided to drop out and join the real world. Here I blog about my interests which include education, politics, backpacking, poker, photography and real ale.
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