Golite Cave 1

I recently managed to buy a brand new Golite Cave 1. Surprising as Golite have gone bust and the Cave hasn’t been made for a decade or so. Anyhow, the previous owner had purchased it new and then kept it stored and unused.

The Cave was made in the days when Golite were pioneering ultralight gear for backpackers. I believe that Ray Jardine was involved with the design of the Cave; in any case it bears a strong resemblance to the “Ray Way” tarp. Essentially, its a flat tarp with two triangular beaks.

The Cave has tie outs at the four corners, the middle above the beaks, on the beaks themselves, two on each side plus lifters. This means the Cave can be pitched in a variety of ways depending on the conditions while the beaks can be positioned anywhere from horizontal to nearly vertical. It also means that there are a lot of guylines to fiddle with! None of the guylines have linelocs so its necessary to know how to tie a slip knot that holds under tension. All of which leads to a bit of a learning curve in using the Cave effectively.

Because of the learning curve I haven’t used my Cave in anger yet but now I can manage a decent pitch I’m going to soon. My initial thoughts are the Cave offers the backpacker a huge amount of useable space and excellent shelter for a mere 400g. The beaks really do work in extending the length of the shelter and keeping out rain.

Here’s some photos to show how far I’ve got along the learning curve.


Taught front beak beak



Rear beak


Lifters and side tieouts


Front beak and beak

.com/2015/06/wpid-wp-1434055878182.jpg?w=674?w=500″ />



Rear from inside.....with cat!


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2 Responses to Golite Cave 1

  1. Bobby says:

    What’s the cat’s name?

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