A Leicestershire bimble: woods & ridges

At long last, my ankle tendonitis appears to be healing so I set out for a test walk. The walk had to test my mobility and ankle strength but not to be too punishing as its supposed to be rehabilitation.  Here is the route that I walked.

Walk around The Outwoods and Beacon Hill

My bimble

Its a favourite walk of mine that I often do. Its roughly 14km or 8 miles in length and can be done easily within three hours. The views are magnificent and the terrain varied, even some of the National Forest is included..There’s plenty of car parking in the road next to the start of the walk.

The start of the walk is a nice, level stretch to get the legs warmed up. The path then turns right up an incline that is steep enough to get the blood pumping but not exhausting. Just before you enter the Outdoors, look backwards and enjoy the views. However, they get better!

The route goes through the Outdoors on a pleasant path and enters Jubilee Wood before reaching Breakback Lane. Cross over and take the permissive footpath ahead. After a while the path turns left and heads to Buck Hill. Here there is a steep walk on rocky ground to the summit. Here you can see a lovely valley and get good views over the Paget land & house.

Follow the path down through some woods and turn downhill to a footbridge. Turn left and walk about a mile on flat land. If you’re lucky you’ll see Highland Cattle grazing. Eventually, turn left and cross the stream before heading uphill to the Beacon. At the Beacon there is a trig point and, nearby, a concrete pillar with a plaque set on the top. This tells you what you can see and how far away things are. As the Beacon is the highest place in Leicestershire you’ll see plenty. Excellent views as far as Nottingham, the Wolds and so on.

Descend from the Beacon and head for Woodhouse Eaves where there is a handy pub. Turn left along Brook Lane and walk along a gentle incline towards the woods. After about a mile the path turns left to go to Breakback Lane, passing Charnwood Forest Golf Club. The golf club is the oldest in Leicestershire and was founded by the Reverend Faithfull – a good name for a vicar! Turn right and, after a few yards, reenter the Outwoods. Its a pleasant stroll through the woods as you make your way back to where the route first entered the Outwoods. From there its a downhill return to the end of the walk.



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