Playing the victim

It has been a day since the Islamic atrocity in Paris. Twenty four hours after twelve unarmed people were murdered in cold blood by jihadists. Ten of them had committed the “crime” of offending Islam while the other two were policemen. No matter that one of the police was a Muslim; he was shot and wounded before being shot in the head.

Now our Prime Minister tells us that the murders were down to extremists and nothing to do with Islam. Not at all, not one iota. I suppose the reason for the murders being offence to Islam and the murderers shouting “Allah ahkbar” are totally unrelated to the religion.

Various apologists have been wheeled out to support this view. Well, it is wrong. The problem lies within Islam, nowhere else. The jihadists are acting exactly in accordance with their Koran’s dictates. They are being good Muslims. If you question that, then read the Koran.

Every time there is an attack we hear the same mantra: “Only extremists, moderate Muslims are shocked, etc, etc”. In the aftermath, the victim card gets played. The current one on Twitter is #RespectForMuslims. I can’t think of a single incident since 9/11 when these moderates, allegedly the majority, have stood up and said “Not in my name “. I don’t recall a single mass demonstration either although I’ve seen plenty when some offence has been taken or there’s been support for Sharia being introduced here. Its an open secret that there is very little cooperation, if any, between the police and the Islamic community.

If the moderates want respect, the solution is in their hands. Firstly, stand up and be counted by condemning these acts of terrorism clearly and without equivocation in public. Secondly, report suspicious people in the Muslim population to the police. Thirdly, integrate with the rest of the country, embrace free speech, plurality of thought, democracy and the primacy of secular law.

If you can’t do those things then here is a card for you



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