Scotland Decides! Mercifully.

Tomorrow is the day…… long bloody last! The airwaves have been full of the arguments for and against Scottish independence. Politicians have trotted around the North, Sages have read the runes while witches meet on blasted heaths to divine which way the axe will fall. Obviously, its a big issue North of the Border.

But what of South of the Border? Labour are scared of a Yes vote because it means they will find it very difficult to ever get back into power. Even Cyclops has been wheeled out to stem the tide of Yes. UKIP do not want Scotland to go. The Tories really don’t want to be the Unionist party that lost the union. TheLibDems; well, who knows or cares about them?

Most English people I know fall, loosely, into a view that goes like this: “If they go, I think they are mad but good luck to them. If they stay, why should the whinging Jocks get devo max and we don’t?”. That’s a very good question indeed. I can’t make an argument for the Scots getting special treatment over rUK or why Scottish, Welsh or NI MPs should get a vote on English matters. Or why Westminster should have any say over what happens in Rutland.That’s the problem with devolution; once it starts it becomes difficult to stop.

Free hospital parking, free prescriptions and free HE in Scotland are paid for by the English who don’t get the same privileges. The longsuffering English taxpayers who pay out the money to keep the Scots in a state of devolution are beginning to get fed up. Well, at least the people I talk to are. Should the vote go for Scotland to stay in the UK I can see a tide of resentment heading their way from rUK. The message will be: “You’ve had your vote and stayed. No more special treatment for you, no more extra money (currently £1300 pa per person) from us to keep you quiet”. There are already rumours of MPs from all parties saying that they will fight against devo max. And so they should.

Friday will be an interesting day.


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