Infantilisation: the new norm.

Dear Reader,

You’re an adult, you work hard, pay your taxes, follow the rules but it is not enough. In every country in the Western World (and others) you are bombarded by concerned politicians, health workers and Quangos galore telling you what you should, and shouldn’t, eat, drink, smoke or otherwise consume. Or, indeed, how you should have sex. Here’s an example of the guff put out by a Nanny who knows better than you

The Nanny State can’t leave you alone. It exists to infantilise you with childish slogans that exhort you to conform: “Drink responsibly”, “Gamble responsibly”, “Look 25″, ” Eat your seven a day” and so on ad nauseum. The reason is simple: it creates gainful employment for nannies and governments pile evermore funding to employ more nannies in a self-perpetuating island of official “concern”.  Of course, this funding comes from taxes you pay even though you have no say on the amount of tax taken from you or what its used for.

You may be an abstemious, non-smoking vegan who works out daily. You may be a couch potato on a pizza and a hundred cigarettes a day, pausing only to neck a bottle of spirits. Regardless, you are a human and will live until you die. We all do. No change there. What has changed is the relatively recent initiative that the general population needed to be treated as children who just have be persuaded to eat their greens.

So, here’s a novel concept. By all means, take informed advice and then tell Nanny a simple message: “I am an adult, not a child. I will do as I please and take the consequences. It is none of your business to be a self-appointed custodian of my life. Please fuck off and get a real job”.

Feels better already doesn’t it?


About ReidIvinsMedia

After working for many years in Higher Education I've decided to drop out and join the real world. Here I blog about my interests which include education, politics, backpacking, poker, photography and real ale.
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