We are all Belgians now….or are we?

Whether you are on the Left, the Right or in the centre of the political spectrum it is undeniable that our continuing membership of the EU is THE issue facing British voters in 2014 and 2015.

You may want to build a better Britain by rolling back the State or by increasing public services, have a planned or a laissez faire economy, control immigration or open the borders, deport violent foreigners or keep them here, address the imminent power shortages by building nuclear power stations or go back to oil lamps or………the list is endless. Regardless of the issue it is almost certain that the outcome will be decided by unelected officials in the EU or a nonrepresentative parliament. Simply put, Britain is losing its sovereignty at an alarming rate. By 2017 it will be too late to do anything about it.

I joined UKIP because they are the only party committed to offering a referendum on Europe, a straightforward in/out decision without caveats or conditions. I believe it is imperative that the British people should decide, once and for all, whether we remain an independent, sovereign nation or become part of federal Europe. The LibLabCon political bigwigs don’t want us to decide. For example, Mandelson says that we, the people, shouldn’t have a say.  I’m sure his conditional pension of £31k pa isn’t an influencing factor.

So the Wharton Bill has been scuppered by the LibLab peers. Meanwhile, Cameron promises a referendum on Europe if he’s still Prime Minister. Is that likely?

Vote UKIP, you get to decide. Vote LibLabCon and we are all Belgians.


About ReidIvinsMedia

After working for many years in Higher Education I've decided to drop out and join the real world. Here I blog about my interests which include education, politics, backpacking, poker, photography and real ale.
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