Google Nexus 7: part 2

I’ve had the Nexus 7 for a few weeks now. During that time I’ve found a good Flash Player, a file manager and an excellent piece of office software (all free) but I’ve still to find a file converter for Amazon books to an Android reader. The Amazon app only allows you to read books purchased at Amazon. However, the other book readers I’ve tried are pleasant to use ans there are plenty of free books to be found for them.

I am really happy with the Nexus 7. It loads web pages quickly and has seamless integration with Google Mail, Google Drive, Google Calendar and so forth. Dropbox functions perfectly, the Maps app works equally well, video and music playback is great and its a doddle to transfer files to and from my MACs. I can even keep an eye on my stock portfolio. The Currents app basically collates various newspapers which is handy. YouTube plays well, Twitter and Facebook function as they should.

The screen resolution is perfect – a key issue for me as I want to show proofs of photos to clients – with good colours and brightness levels. I can show the images, take orders and email the client an invoice in-situ as the Nexus 7 can use my iPhone as a hotspot. And it was really easy to set up!! There is even a free photo-editing app which is fun to play with. The on-board camera (1.2Mp) is ok for video chats but, as you’d expect,  poor for serious photography. This is not a problem for me as I always have a decent camera with me.

I even read the manual and found out how to take a screenshot and how to use the voice recognition software. The voice recognition works very well with the odd hiccup due to my accent. Battery life is more than adequate at roughly 8 hours with the wireless network on.

The screen responds to swipe and other gestures without any delay. The screen does pick up finger marks but they clean off easily and it is a price you pay for having a device with a touch-sensitive screen. The interface is customisable while the icons and text are clear.

All in all, the Nexus 7 does everything I want it to do in a fast, easy-to-use manner and I can’t fault it. I love Apple products but the Nexus 7 is easily as good as the iPad mini and considerably cheaper.


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After working for many years in Higher Education I've decided to drop out and join the real world. Here I blog about my interests which include education, politics, backpacking, poker, photography and real ale.
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One Response to Google Nexus 7: part 2

  1. Jett says:

    The kindle app should allow you to access your kindle library wherever. If you buy books on another site it does get tricker since some of the companies are at war with one another.

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