Higear Aqua Force 2l daypack

I purchased one of these recently as it was the princely sum of £9.99 complete with a 2 litre hydration bladder. It is designed for use on day walks or when cycling.

The pack weighs 750g which is fairly heavy but it is fitted with a sternum strap and waist belt in addition to shoulder straps. The shoulder straps have a mesh inner to aid the evaporation of perspiration. All the straps are adjustable so a very secure, and comfortable, carrying position can be easily obtained. A nice touch is that all the strap ends have retainers so there are no loose bits flapping about.

The back is an airflow one ie there are two padded, raised panels to lift the pack away from your back. The net result is no more sweaty backs!

The bladder fits in a pocket at the rear of the pack. There are holes to allow the drinking tube to exit and be fastened to a shoulder strap. The bladder is secured by an internal Velcro strap.

There is a large rear pocket which can carry an insulation layer and more. In addition, there are two front pockets. The smallest can carry a wallet or similar. The other front pocket is equipped with a key fob and inner mesh pockets. It’s large enough to fit sandwiches in.

In between the big rear pocket and the front pockets there is space to place a helmet. There are two straps to tighten up the gap between the pockets and a useful bungee cord as well.

Overall, the rucksack is easily capable of carrying enough water, food, waterproofs and/or insulating layer plus bits and bobs. Definitely good enough for a daypack. It might be OK for an overnight bivvy in fine weather as well. I managed to fit a thermarest (short), poncho tarp, bivvy bag and a one-season sleeping bag plus an esbit cooker in! But that might be stupid light- no first aid kit, extra layer, etc.

Anyhow, its very well-made and fit for its intended uses. Highly recommended. Below is a photo of the Aqua Force taken from Higear’s site



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