An autumnal bimble

I had been planning to play golf today but the plan went awry. Disappointing. After pottering around for a time, I decided to go out for a bimble to get the blood circulating. I love the hills and moors but I find woodland walking to be very relaxing. There is always something to see if you look hard enough.

I’ve always detested late autumn and winter. I enjoy clear days that are icy-cold with clear, blue skies but England doesn’t get many days like that. We get cold, grey, damp days instead. It’s easy to see why some people suffer from SAD.

Anyhow, one of the joys of woodland walking in November is that there are still splashes of colour to enliven the views. Although I live near a town, I’m very lucky to have the countryside very nearby. My nearest wood is about a quarter of a mile away. It’s a much loved, and much used, wood. Despite it bring regularly being visited, it teems with life. There are oaks, sessile oaks, silver birch, holly, hawthorns and other trees. In season, there are huge carpets of bluebells and other flowers. Then there are insects, birds and various mammals that call it home.

As I wandered around the wood I noticed that the badgers have been busy extending their sett. Presumably all is well with these badgers. As the land is privately owned there is no chance of a cull happening here. The DEFRA plans, now on hold, to kill these animals is a truly evil, despicable thing.

Later I saw the world’s fattest squirrel. Clearly it had been making the most of the nuts from the trees. Even though the greys have driven the native red squirrels from my area I still admire their grace. Even the obese one I saw was a superb tree-climber.

Although the leaves are falling now there was plenty of dashes of yellow to relieve the drab evergreen that remains. Silver birches stood out against the darker trees.

I returned home feeling cheered up by a simple bimble round a wood. Good for the body and mind. Give it a try, you’ll like it! Here’s some pics taken on an iPhone so not the greatest quality.





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After working for many years in Higher Education I've decided to drop out and join the real world. Here I blog about my interests which include education, politics, backpacking, poker, photography and real ale.
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2 Responses to An autumnal bimble

  1. Alex Jones says:

    I live in Britain, I also enjoy walks through the woods. Nature is inspiring and healing after a stressful day.

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