Milly the rescue cat: one month on

A week is a long time in politics and a month is an eon to an adopted cat. I’ve had Milly for four weeks and two days now and the difference is remarkable.

She’s still on the chubby side but the weight is coming off nicely at a slow, steady rate thanks to Hill’s Science Diet and a little mackerel. She is getting more active now and brings “her” string to me so I can play with her. It is noticeable that she is getting more cat-shaped than rotund and her reactions are getting faster too. Also, it is easy see the improvement in her coat; from being dull and lacklustre it is now shiny and soft. She gleams in sunlight!

After a month, she has found favourite places around the house to nap in the sun and soft, warm places for when the sun doesn’t want to come out and play. Milly has become a very talkative and sociable cat which I find amazing given her previous history. Likewise the fact that she is so gentle. She is still wary of being touched on the her sides and looks scared if I pick up a guitar. Once I’m playing it, she is fine so I assume she must have been whacked with something large at some time in the past.

Gone is the haunted look too and she is getting to sneakily explore “banned” rooms like my study. Milly isn’t much of an outdoor cat but she is making forays outside to sniff the scents of squirrels and other cats although she doesn’t linger too long outside. I think she has sussed out that outside is cold and inside is warm and comfortable. She has also figured out a soft dab on my nose in the morning will wake me up so she gets her breakfast. Mercifully not like Simon’s Cat!


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