Trams, poor whites and rants

The other day, a video was put on YouTube where a white British woman was filmed being racially abusive and foul-mouthed. It’s not pretty to watch and its definitely NSFW but you can watch it here

The police have arrested her and, in the same day, she has appeared in court and is locked up on remand for “reports” as reported here

My first thoughts were, and still are, that there is something seriously wrong with her. It just isn’t normal behaviour so I’d guess a mental illness, drugs or alcohol are behind it. Be that as it may, she said it and whatever the thing that prompted the outburst she clearly felt it too. I then picked up this article   and it is my opinion that her behaviour encapsulates the inarticulate sense of grievance felt by the “poor white” in society.

For a number of reasons the UK has a society with a poor underclass and there are many, but not all, housing estates where the people who live there exist in a feral environment and unemployment, poverty, poor education, violence and crime are prevalent. I live in a small town and some areas of the local council estate are, frankly, bloody horrible. I would hate to live in a place like that and I come from a council estate. It is no wonder the people who live there try to find a reason why they live the life they do. So they lay the blame on “outsiders” who they perceive as getting privileged treatment. Their resentment is exacerbated by issues like foreign villians not being deported because of a too-lenient Human Rights Act and so on.

Liberal readers of this blog might be appalled at this but that is the reality. Go into any working class pub (as I often do) and you will hear people talking about feeling marginalised, the abuses of the Human Rights Act, political correctness, uncontrolled immigration, foreigners getting better benefits and so forth. Whether or not these things are true is beside the point, the perception of injustice is the important thing. The anger is just below the surface.

Perhaps they have a point when the ranting woman is arrested, charged and locked up on remand inside a day while, at least in my town, people dealing in Class A drugs and receiving stolen property have been charged a year ago but the case hasn’t appeared in court. Likewise the police and courts do very little about antisocial behaviour; apart from locking public toilets up!

But there is also something else going on. Despite the best efforts of the BNP and EDL, the “poor whites” usually have non-white friends and the greater majority will say they have nothing against immigrants per se but they just don’t want anymore. I believe them when they say that they are not racists but they feel threatened, their culture and views  ignored.

My view is this. What the woman said was disgusting, reprehensible and certainly doesn’t reflect either my views or British society at large but, like it or not, our political masters ought to start paying attention to the “poor white” section of society before we see the powder keg explode.


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After working for many years in Higher Education I've decided to drop out and join the real world. Here I blog about my interests which include education, politics, backpacking, poker, photography and real ale.
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