Rescue Cat Milly Update

As a quick reprise, Milly is a rescue cat that I adopted the other day.

I managed to get hold of Milly’s vet records and saw that she had recently had her yearly check-up. She is eight, not seven as I first thought, but in fine fettle overall. Although the vet had warned for several years she was overweight. So, her diet has begun as 2kgs is a lot of excess baggage for a cat to be carrying. Even a giant like Milly! I’ll be taking her diet slow and steady for several months.

I also found out that she hadn’t gone from her old owner to the rescue centre as I thought but via an intermediate household. That household had two dogs which kept attacking her hence the move on to the rescue centre which was itself awash with cats and dogs. No wonder Milly was very subdued and did nothing but comfort eat.

In the few days I’ve had her her appetite has reduced to normal and she looks a lot more relaxed. Slowly she is becoming much more trusting and has even sat on my lap. A thigh-crushing experience! Even better, she has started to rediscover her sense of play by chasing bits of string and a catnip-scented toy mouse. Lumbering might be a better word than chase. That is good though because she needs gentle exercise to help keep her fit and burn off a few extra calories. Today I managed to get a grooming comb into her long fur which she seemed to enjoy. It also shows she is beginning to trust me more.

Exhausted by the mouse/string chasing, being groomed and eating some food she is now quietly snoring on the settee. It is a hard life!


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